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Director of Education – March 3, 2016

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March 3, 2017
As many of you know, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) is undertaking a review of schools and program offerings across the District.  The Western Area Review focused on four families of schools - Bell High School, Merivale High School, Sir Robert Borden High School and Woodroffe High School, and the 22 elementary schools which feed into these high schools.
The purpose of the Western Area Pupil Accommodation Review was to find solutions on how best to realign programs and services in these communities to support student achievement and well-being within available resources.  Over the past six months, we have put forward proposals for discussion with the community, and considered a range of options in terms of grade configurations, program offerings, school consolidations, and school closures.
After months of consultation and deliberation, the Board has made final decisions on the Western Area Review.  I want to thank everyone who participated in the review process.  We are fortunate to have such an active community and all of the feedback received has helped to inform decision making.
You may find out more about the final decisions, by family of schools, in the links below.
The school district is committed to ensuring these changes are managed as smoothly as possible for all staff, students and families.  In the weeks ahead, transition committees will be established to help us create the best new learning environments for our students.  As always, our focus on student learning and well-being will ensure that students feel welcome and schools are ready for learning in September 2017.
Accommodation reviews are never easy. This has been an emotional and challenging task for everyone involved.  Now that the decisions have been made, we can turn our attention towards uniting school communities.
Many years ago, in my former school district, I was a new principal in an elementary school that was slated for potential closure.  It was a tough process.  But I distinctly remember a turning point in student, staff and parent morale.  We had arranged for my students to spend a half day with their grade level peers at the new school.  At the end of the day, one of the grade 7 students danced into my office saying:  “Ms Adams, their water fountains have chilled water!”  This was one of the funniest comments, but each student had a story about the connection they had made to their new school.  Some recognized children they knew from sports teams in the community, some were attracted to a physical feature of the new school, others talked about a new friend.
All this to say… We are looking forward to the next steps in our student learning and school accommodation planning.










Dr. Jennifer Adams became Director of Education/Secretary of the Board for the OCDSB on July 1st 2011.

Dr. Adams has been a leader in public education throughout her distinguished 27 year career. She began her teaching career with the Lakehead District School Board, followed by promotions to curriculum coordinator, elementary principal and superintendent. In 2005, Dr. Adams joined the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board as a Superintendent of Instruction and until becoming Director of Education, served as the Executive Superintendent.

Throughout her career, Dr. Adams has been passionate in her focus on student learning. She is recognized for developing strategies to improve student achievement through research, instructional practice, and strong academic leadership.

A mother of two and married to a teacher, Dr. Adams is dedicated to fostering well-being, engagement, leadership and learning, both at home and at the OCDSB.





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