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Board Meetings

Regular meetings of the Board are held in the Board Room at the Administration Building at 133 Greenbank Road unless otherwise directed by resolution of the Board. Board meetings will be held once per month, except for July and August, on the fourth Tuesday (
In Camera session at 6:30 pm. Open, public session at 7:30 pm).
When a matter is complicated or controversial and/or contains far-reaching resolutions or proposals, the Board may choose to move into committee of the whole during a regular Board meeting, or convene a special committee of the whole meeting, where the strict rules of debate are relaxed.  For example, the Board may convene a special committee of the whole meeting to consider accommodation reviews and the budget before the recommendation(s) are approved by the Board.
For a list of upcoming meetings please view the Board Meeting Calendar
Committee of the Whole and Board Meetings are now live streamed. The live stream is available on our Youtube channel  at the time of the scheduled meeting.
Purpose of the Committee of the Whole, In Camera Meetings

Under provincial law:
A meeting of a committee of a board, including a committee of the whole board, may be closed to the public when the subject-matter under consideration involves:
- the security of the property of the board
- the disclosure of intimate, personal or financial information in respect of a member of the board or committee, an employee or prospective employee of the board or a pupil or his or her parent or guardian
- the acquisition or disposal of a school site
- decisions in respect of negotiations with employees of the board
- litigation affecting the board
How to Appear as a Delegation or Ask a Question at a Meeting

Members of the public who would like to address the Board at a public meeting may do so as a delegation. To appear as a delegation and be allotted four minutes to speak, you must submit a written statement on your issue by 4:00 pm on the Thursday prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Please note, if the Friday prior to the regularly scheduled Board meeting is a statutory holiday, then the deadline is 4:00 pm on Wednesday. Your written statement will be included in the agenda package. If registering prior to the start of a meeting using the sign-up sheet, two minutes will be allotted for delegations. A maximum of 20 minutes will be allotted for delegations.
If you have questions or would like to appear as a delegation, please contact Samantha FlynnBoard/Committee Coordinator at 613-596-8211 extension 8363.

gendas, Minutes, Reports
The district posts all agenda materials and meeting minutes. Agendas for Committee of the Whole meetings are posted on the Friday ten days prior to the meeting. If you go to the meeting calendar and click on the meeting date, you can follow the links to the agenda items.
Agendas for Board meetings are posted on the Friday prior. If you go to the meeting calendar and click on the meeting date, you can follow the links to the agenda items.
Archived Agendas, Minutes, Reports
If you are interested in agendas, minutes or reports from past meetings, you can search our documents archives back to 1998.
An archive of recorded meetings is available on our Youtube channel