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Management Team

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Management Team  

Our Director of Education, Jennifer Adams, is both the Chief Education Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of the school district. She reports directly to, and is accountable to, the Board of Trustees for the organization and operation of the District. All school district authority delegated to staff is delegated through the Director of Education.

The Director of Education's senior staff team includes an Associate Director and several Superintendents, both school and business. The team is officially known as the Director’s Executive Council and all educational, financial, school organization and facilities planning and management is developed through this leadership team for the Board of Trustees.  
Meet our Director and Superintendents.

Our senior staff team has a wealth of educational leadership experience and in combination with our four-year strategic plan, will be leading the District to even greater student success by implementing key actions and priorities in the following five focus areas:


· Promote and encourage the personalization of learning and enhance instructional practice to meet the individual needs of learners;
· Improve and increase access to the educational pathways for every student;
· Optimize School Learning Plans to develop strategies to support achievement in targeted areas (e.g. numeracy and literacy).
· Build capacity to improve mental health supports;
· Increase opportunities to support and encourage creative expression, physical health and physical literacy;
· Develop and implement the well-being framework and School Well-being Plans to enhance school climate.
· Develop tools to support parent involvement in learning and well-being;
· Develop strategies to enhance communication and dialogue with and among staff, students, families and community partners to improve the delivery of public education.
· Develop and implement enhanced methodologies to differentiate the allocation of resources to improve equity of opportunity for all students;
· Identify students who face barriers to learning and differentiate supports to close achievement gaps; and
· Review and ensure effective use of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit funding to increase First Nations, Metis and Inuit graduation rates.
· Improve access to learning environments and optimize the use of all resources through school accommodation and program review planning;
· Enhance operational practices to effectively and responsibly manage human and financial resources in support of students;
· Model sustainability, smart energy use and sound environmental practices for students
To reach the Director’s office, please call or email:
613-596-8211  Ext. 8219