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Media Desk
Welcome to the OCDSB Media Desk
 Do you need to:
find out more about our news releases or other school stories?
find out more about social media in the OCDSB?
find out about an event that is happening at your school?
find a spokesperson?
find permission forms to film/photograph students?
find out how much lead time you need to submit a story idea?
find out how to submit a story or school event? 
find our publications?
When you need dependable information fast, we can help. In Communications and Information Services, we're committed to the needs of our schools and the greater community. Of course, we welcome your suggestions on ways to improve this page.
The Media Desk is step one - a starting point in getting to know the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.
We want to hear from you!
If you have a story or event that you would like featured on the news release, please email
If you have a story or event that you would like featured on our social media sites, please contact the Communications and Information Services Department at or 613-721-1820

You can also follow @OCDSB on
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