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Learning through Collaboration

Make A Difference At Your School

All schools in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board should have an advisory school council to help increase communication between schools and their communities and to serve the needs of students.  A school council liaises through the school principal and is an important link between parents and the school community. Find out more about school councils by reading our factsheet.

You can also hear more about the District by reading the Director's page.

Some of the key duties of a school council include:

Building a sense of community involving:

arrow Organizing extra-curricular activities in the school
arrow Coordinating school-based services and community partnerships related to social, health, recreational, and nutrition programs
arrow Advising on community use of school facilities
arrow The local coordination of services for children and youth

Enhancing the home-school relationship through:

arrow Establishing school-community communication strategies
arrow Developing methods of reporting to parents/guardians and the community

Providing advice and comments on areas such as:

arrow The school-year calendar
arrow The school code of student conduct
arrow Curriculum and program goals and priorities
arrow The responses of the school or Board to achievement in provincial and Board assessment programs
arrow The preparation of the school profile
arrow The principal profile – provision of input as to the qualities, skills, attitudes, and training/education for the Board and administration to consider in the selection of school principals
arrow The school budget priorities, including local capital improvement plans
arrow The development, implementation, and review of Board policies at the local level

The principal assists the school council in carrying out its obligations by:

arrow Providing existing non-confidential information