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Did you know that the district issues a weekly school council newsletter filled with information and events. Anyone can subscribe to newsletter  - not only members of school council. If you are interested in getting information about an upcoming event included in the weekly school council email, please send a short paragraph explaining the details of the event and the poster (if applicable) no later than
Wednesday of each week at 12:00 p.m. to
Sign up for our weekly School Council Newsletter Newsletter.

 School Council Newsletter



2010-11 Mutchmor School Council Annual Report.pdf
Annie Kidder -Keynote - People for Education - Oct 2015.pdf
Annual Report To the School Community.pdf
Best Practices School Councils Oct 2015.pdf
Fundraising – Education Foundation of Ottawa.pdf
Keynote - People for Education Annie Kidder.pdf
Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants.pdf
Pleasant Park Public School Aboriginal Awareness Activities 2010-2015.pdf
Principal Profile - Sample 1.pdf
Principal Profile - Sample 3.pdf
School Council Funds Management Guide.pdf
School Council Info Day - Governance Presentation.pdf
School Council Info Day - School Council Finances.pdf
School Council Info Day - Volunteer Process Presentation.pdf
School Council Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
School Yard Greening - Oct 2015.pdf
Social Media at the OCDSB and Engaging your School Community - Oct 2015.pdf
Spending your PRO Grants - Carrie Eaton - Oct 2015.pdf
Tips for Parents - Responding To A Traumatic Event.pdf