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Family Reception Centre — Help for Newcomers to our Community
If you are new to Canada, have a school-aged child and English is not your first language, we can assist you with enrolling your child in school. The Family Reception Centre staff will welcome you to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board by providing student assessment and guidance for English language learners and their families. To make an appointment, please call 613-239-2416.

International Language Programs
Our elementary and secondary students also have an opportunity to learn or maintain a language other than French or English and to develop an appreciation for diversity and intercultural acceptance. Most International Language Programs are offered on Saturday mornings; some are offered after school. For Saturday programs, please call 613-239-2703; for after-school elementary programs, please call 613-239-2509.

Learning For Life Magazine
For more international language programs as well as many other credit and general interest courses, be sure to check out our Continuing Education magazine, Learning for Life, which is delivered to your door two times a year in January and August.

English as a Second Language — Developing Skills for Success
Offered at both the elementary and secondary levels, your child will receive individual assistance improving their English skills until he or she is able to achieve grade level success with the English as a Second Language Program.

Elementary students in the English as a Second Language Program attend their community school with their peers and neighbours. For more information, please call 613-239-2416 or 613-239-1600.
Secondary students in the English as a Second Language Program attend the nearest high school that offers credit language courses. For more information, please call 613-239-2416 or 613-239-2727.

English Literacy Development — A Path To Better Communication
The English Literacy Development Program is available at most elementary schools. Your child will be placed with classmates of the same age. Every effort is made to bridge the gap between their academic skills and their age by focusing on oral communication, reading, and writing skills. Instruction is content-based and focused on improving literacy and numeracy skills.

At the secondary level, students often require more assistance and are given more time and additional support to achieve individual success through language and non-credit courses. Once students have mastered those challenges, they progress to English a Second Language courses and eventually complete a high school diploma.

Outdoor Education Programs — Learning in a Natural Setting
Outdoor Education Centres offer your child the chance to explore, experience, and link classroom learning to the wonders of the natural world. Our Bill Mason and MacSkimming Outdoor Education centres provide students with a first-hand look at wetlands, forest, fields, and riverfront. The program also includes Canadian history, natural science, teambuilding, and outdoor skills learning opportunities.

Alternative Elementary Programs — Addressing Individual Interests and Aptitudes
The Alternative Elementary Program is based on the concept of student-centered learning and this philosophy translates into all aspects of a student's experience at school. The program provides students opportunities to meet Ministry expectations with flexibility to allow greater concentration in areas of their own interest and aptitudes. For further information on Alternative Elementary Programs, please read our      .Alternative Elementary Programs factsheet