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Multi-Year Student Learning and Pupil Accommodation Planning

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Multi-Year Plan for Student Learning and Pupil Accomodation 

June 27, 2017 - Alta Vista Hunt Club Accommodation Review will NOT Proceed in September


The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board will NOT proceed with an accommodation review in the Alta Vista/Hunt Club Area this fall.  The review was planned to begin in September 2017.  The Board of Trustees was to approve the timelines for the review on Monday, June 26th.  Instead, the Board of Trustees referred the item back to staff until more information is available.

The Ministry of Education has advised that they will be making an announcement tomorrow.  That announcement is expected to include changes to the pupil accommodation review guidelines.  While these changes would not affect any review that has already been completed, changes would affect the process and timelines for new reviews.  Knowing this, the Board did not want to start a new review with uncertainty about the review process. As a result, the item was referred back to staff until more information becomes available.  

The OCDSB would like to extend sincere thanks to all parents, students, staff and community members who have taken an interest in this issue, including those who participated in the Community Input Meeting on May 29th.  We remain committed to working with all members of our community to support student achievement and well-being.  Over the next two months, staff will review the Ministry announcement to consider what changes are required and to determine next steps.  We remain committed to sharing additional details with the community when more information is available.


Feedback We Received 


On May 29, 2017 the District held a Community Input Meeting for parents and community members in the Alta Vista/Hunt Club area.  At the meeting, the District explained why an accommodation review is being planned and how the review process works.  You can view the staff presentation from the meeting here.  To help inform the development of the options/recommendation, attendees were asked:



·         What is important to you about your school?

In response, we heard about the importance of a diverse school community, a sense of belonging, proximity/walkability to school, access to extra-curricular activities, and quality education, among other things.


·         What factors/unique things about your community do you think need to be considered?

 Participants shared information about the unique aspects of their school buildings and properties, green space and school yards, access to community resources (e.g., parks, recreation centres), neighbourhood demographics, relationships with teachers and/or administrators, etc.

 ·         How can we best engage you through this process?

 Most frequently, participants asked to be contacted via email.  Other suggestions included website updates, social media, online feedback tools, and translation into different languages.  There were also requests for meetings, including meetings at individual schools.  Participants also highlighted the need for communication to be open and honest, with as much detail as possible.

We have explored themes and trends in the responses and created a one-page summary by school, when sufficient information was provided.  These summaries can be found below.

We also used this opportunity to collect feedback online about the review process.  Using an online tool, participants were asked to share their thoughts and assign stars to the thoughts of others.  There were many great thoughts and we have responded to some of the key issues that emerged.  You can read the results under the discover tab, here.

 Although the timeline for the review has been delayed, the feedback obtained from the community input meeting has been insightful for staff and will be valuable for future planning.