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Healthy Active Living Education

More than just physical activity opportunities - is a course that is offered at all grade levels in our schools. Students also have abundant opportunities to participate in both competitive and house league sports, be it at school, among other schools in the City of Ottawa, provincially and even nationally.

Many secondary schools also offer courses that prepare students to enter a post-secondary program in physical recreation studies. In Grade 12, some schools offer Exercise Science and Recreation and Fitness leadership courses, in addition to the Outdoor Activities course. To learn more about these courses, please download our Secondary Course Calendar.

To learn more about what’s happening at your school, contact your school athletic association, speak with your physical education instructor or browse the bulletin boards at school to learn about sports and recreation activities.

National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association (NCSSAA)

The National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association is the governing body for inter-scholastic sports in the City of Ottawa. The association contributes to the health, happiness and general welfare of the student-athlete by sponsoring well-organized and properly supervised athletic activities.

To contact the NCSSAA office, please call 613-596-8707 to speak with one of the Athletic Coordinators or visit their website. On this site you will find detailed game and tournament schedules, as well as results and photographs for each of the following secondary team leagues: basketball, field hockey, football, hockey, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Other sports results are posted as they arise on a seasonal basis.

Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA)

OFSAA is an organization comprised of student-athletes, teacher-coaches, teachers, principals, and sport administrators all committed to the philosophy of Education Through School Sport. According to its web site:

Approximately 270,000 student-athletes and 16,000 teacher-coaches participate in school sport in this province. Every individual who is involved in school sport is a member of OFSAA. Being a member of OFSAA means that you are entitled to all of the services that the Federation has to offer, many of which are outlined below.

OFSAA encompasses far more than school sport Championships. Our primary responsibility is to work with volunteer teacher-coaches to provide top-quality Provincial Championships for Ontario's student-athletes, but we also see an important role for the Federation in dealing with issues that affect students, coaches, schools and communities across Ontario, such as drug free sport, equity, fair play, and safe schools.

For more information please visit the OFSAA website. On the OFSAA website you’ll find an abundance of information on sports in education, in-depth league results and informative surveys, links and bulletins.

Ottawa Carleton Elementary Athletics Association (OCEAA)

The Ottawa Carleton Elementary Athletics Association (OCEAA) is the governing body for inter-scholastic elementary sports in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board. The association promotes the philosophies of the Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) and True Sport. This model has been designed with the input of sport scientists and coaches from across the country and emphasizes the importance of a systematic and consistent approach to the development of athletes. It the belief of OCEAA that all students should have access to high quality athletic opportunities in a safe and risk free environment.

To contact OCEAA, please call 613-596-8707 to speak with the Athletic Coordinator of the OCDSB or visit their website.