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You may be thinking about taking an online course for many reasons…the course you want may not be offered in your school, the course may not fit in your timetable or for some reason you need more flexibility in the timing of your course. Students taking one of our rich, engaging courses can learn online anywhere they have reliable daily access to a computer and Internet connection. For more information visit the OCDSB eLearning website.

In many ways learning online is like learning in a classroom. Students still read, work independently or as a member of a group, complete assignments and interact with their classmates and teacher, but instead of being in the same place at the same time you meet in a virtual learning environment at a time of your choosing.

Your online course could look like this:

Learning in Class

Online Learning

Instead of classroom discussions… …discussing issues in an online discussion area.
Instead of speaking to your teacher and classmates only in person… …communicating through email, in a web meeting, in a chat forum, on the discussion board and sometime by phone.
Instead of showing up to the same location at the same time every day… …logging in everyday at the time of your choosing.
Instead of printing off and handing in your work… …submitting your work electronically to the DropBox at any time of the day or night!
Instead of sitting in class for 75 minutes a day to learn…

…taking the time you need to digest and review your lessons as often as you like, and when you like.

How do I get started?

Check out the OCDSB eLearning Website for a list of available online courses, registration dates, FAQs about online learning as well as an Online Learning Readiness Quiz. If you think an online course might be a good choice for you, talk to your school principal or guidance counsellor and go from there.